Wild Ginger (Seattle, WA)

eating out with kids in seattle
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Not only do I love this place for their amazing food, Wild Ginger wins my vote for best and cheapest kids’ meal ever.  For a mere three dollars and fifty cents (Take that Spaghetti Factory!) a plate the boys had the perfect bento-style meal of a humongous grilled chicken skewer accompanied by a coconut-rice ball and a cucumber salad.  They finished with a bowl of blackberry swirled ice cream for two dollars.  There was enough ice cream that I even had a taste too-it was heavenly.  I will not be eating anywhere else willingly for the next little while.  Thank you thank you Wild Ginger for a fantastic evening.

PS this grainy photo does not do the meal adequate justice-but check out the size of the kid’s chicken skewer!  The coconut rice is the yellow square beside the cucumber slices and it was divine.

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