Truly Amazing Evening (sans wee ones, Seattle, WA)

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Every so often mom and dad need a night on the town, and we truly had a spectacular evening at Canlis last night.  (This was my first time at this iconic Seattle institution and it was everything I dreamed it would be and then some.)  Ever since I drooled over the Chocolate Covered Chocolate dessert in a local magazine a year ago, I made it known to my husband that I wanted to go, and it was my mission to try this chocolate feast-it even came with an unexpected sparkly birthday flare. (The little gumdrop like-thing on the bottom of my candle…yes, edible and delicious too. I had to try.)

The surprise came when R’s dessert arrived-I had one taste then immediately helped to devour the grapefruit, creme fraiche and wasabi dessert he ordered ( The below picture does not do this dessert justice, but we were trying to be a little inconspicuous taking the photo).  I think I will be dreaming about this deliciousness for a long time to come.

The aftermath this morning was well worth it-though the scene in our house around 6 am after trying to coax the terrible twos back to bed unsuccessfully from an ungodly 4:30am wakeup call would beg to differ.  And, amidst all the chaos and morning haze, I found this teeny bit of evidence on the table that reminded me that last night was not just a dream.

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