Folding Travel Potty Seat

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This item is worthy enough for a whole post.  The current potty issue is driving me insane-and we’re only at the beginning stages.  The more pressing issue for me is what do you do if your babies have to potty when you’re out in public once you truly start training?  Do I pack my potty with me?  And if I do that, what happens if there is a successful potty attempt-do I have to cart the treasure home with me?  I can barely handle public washrooms on my own and the idea of placing my child’s rear on a seat in a public place makes me want to gag.  And then it happened: a friend came over yesterday and I think I heard a whole chorus singing hallelujah when I saw this item

emerge from her stylish diaper bag.  Yes, hers was more Dora-esque, but I knew immediately that I must have it.  It’s a potty seat that folds into fours and I imagined it folded safely in a ginormous ziplock bag  in my own diaper survival pack and my potty fears weren’t so big anymore.  I let her take hers home and I’m currently debating the one with Sesame Street on it that sadly only got a 3 star review or a plain ugly white one that is very highly rated on

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