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March 17, 2011 by admin

When the sun shines in Seattle, there’s a glimmer of hope that we’ve survived another winter and despite all the sadness on the news, we can’t help but go out and take in every sparkling moment.  We’ve spent the past few days visiting the farm, dining with friends, running around the zoo, baking cupcakes and digging in the garden.

At the farm it was sheep day so we spent time caring for the sheep and giving them some love.

Seattle with kids at Kelsey Creek Farm

We even carded some wool and made it into a little duster thing that Dad found in the car and thought it was the weirdest looking animal craft he’d ever seen.  I’ll have to find it and take a picture if it didn’t make it into his “special treasure bin.”

At the zoo we were not lucky enough to get animal pictures but I was able to get some cute toddlers in action.  Here is the Bean on his way back from an adventure in the jungle after I caught him disappearing out of the corner of my eye and made him come back.

The other boy has a fascination with eyeballs and I’m glad he’s practicing with the stone lion and not playing “Doctor Eyeball” with me.’

We checked on the penguins.

And the Ocelot.

And now I’m thinking these guys can almost do this whole visit by themselves.  I barely even need to pull them around.

The duo is now sleeping in a nest on the floor and I’ve found some other animals that have a great cause.

The creator of these horse earrings is donating 100% of their sales to World Vision to help Relief efforts in Japan.

100% from this bird necklace will also be donated to the American Red Cross.

And these are golden sunny things to me too.

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