The Calm-Down Book

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Realizing that I have written many posts in the last while that have been post-traumatic two-year old craziness has made me realize that there are very few days left in the boys being two and I better just enjoy this drama while it lasts.  These babies are growing up and I know I’m totally going to miss these days one day.

A friend of mine recommended this book for helping kids to recognize when they’re getting riled up, and so I bought it, and they actually like reading it and so do I.  (It’s by the same author who also wrote “Teeth are Not for Biting!” and other books like this.)  It’s called Calm-Down Time and it’s by Elizabeth Verdick and I love how the last two pages are suggestions for parents to help with calming down.











And how about me?  What am I doing to calm-down lately?

I’m sipping some fantastic creamy earl grey tea from The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver, BC (the same tea spot where I celebrated my big 3-0)  I love how just simple things like just sitting with this cup of tea during nap transports me back to some fantastic memories with friends and family.  (thank you sis for sending this to me:)

And I’ve been making sure to moisturize-my face especially as there’s nothing more worriesome or stressful than getting wrinkle lines and yucky skin.  Among the magic potions I’ve been using, this one is my definite favorite.  It smells like Nerds candy, and makes me instantly happy.

And finally I’ve been reminiscing about the baby days.  How are these the same babies who are climbing the shelves in their playroom, or throwing tantrums in the street?  How do they get so big so fast?

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