San Diego Zoo (San Diego, California)

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We are a definitely a zoo family, (we frequent our local Woodland Park Zoo at least once a week!) so when we went to San Diego we made sure to spend a couple days at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.  We debated whether or not to use our strollers, but I’m so glad we did because this zoo is definitely massive.  There was a lot of walking and even some crazy hills that I can’t imagine pushing our double stroller down-we roll with our cheapo umbrella strollers when we travel. But, yay for the San Diego Zoo for helping people get in shape!

When we got to the zoo the guys saw two things that our local zoo doesn’t have and they were not going to leave San Diego or the zoo without trying them out.  The first was the Sky Tram

and this was included with our awesome admission tickets (We did the 3-park Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park 5-day tix and they were totally worth it.  AND because the kids are not 3 yet, they were free!)  The boys loved yelling “Hey down there!” from the tram and seeing all the animal enclosures from so high up.

I’m scared they’re going to become adrenalin junkies one day.  The other thing they wanted to do was ride the double decker bus.

Did they look at animals while they rode? I’m not sure.  They were too preoccupied with being on top of the bus. And while we walked around they were too preoccupied with finding the sky-ride.  But they had such fun checking everything out as they scrambled from one mode of transportation to another.

And me?  I was in my animal element. I loved seeing pandas

and koalas

the polar bears (I totally wanted to see one swim!)


and these strange creatures who followed us home.

We spent too much time right here.

Sitting and watching the sky ride. And running around like maniacs.

But, they’re going to do that anywhere, and San Diego was warm and lovely, and a welcome change of pace from being at home.  This zoo was absolutely amazing.  I heard they have camping here in the summer and I’m already trying to figure out how to go back.

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  1. Visiting from Travel Tip Tuesday – we are taking the kids to San Diego this summer – can’t wait to go to the zoo! Bookmarking your blog to check out your other California posts – thanks!

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