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April 18, 2011 by admin

Our hands down favorite coffee store for beautiful delicious coffee is Espresso Vivace near REI in South Lake Union, so on this cold sunny day that had a rainstorm in the middle, we spent the downpour part in our happy place.

The kids loved their mini hot chocolates in little espresso cups (see the lovely art below!), while the hubby and I sipped our lattes.

We played a little in the toy nook.

And then we walked to nearby stores, where I picked out my (our) anniversary art piece from Velocity Art and Design.

No, we didn’t buy it yet, but I know where to find it when the time comes-I just wish they had Vancouver and maybe they will soon-hint hint;) (AND, when I went to their website I found out they have the Roost Birdhouses I’ve been looking for and they are on sale!  I bought a huge sack of birdseed a week ago, but realized it’s useless without a house, so we will have to repeat this morning’s outing ASAP.)

We finished the day at the hubby’s favorite store where we sat by the fire before braving the giant tree playground and a visit to see the creepy shoes with individual toe holes for each toe-ling.

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