Dear Henrik and Daniel,

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Maybe the little spots of sunshine we’ve had in the past week have thrown your game.  Maybe you’d much rather be riding the False Creek Ferry,

or trompsing around the beach picking up sticks,

or playing pick up hockey/basketball/soccer while standing around on a deck

or riding on an imaginary bus.

And that is understandable.  We have had so few sunny days this year.  But please know there will be plenty of time for this when the playoffs are done.  The bus we’d like you to be on right now is the winning bus.  In a couple hours you need to drive it to round two.  We’ll be decked out in appropriate attire watching and cheering loudly as proper fans should.  We may even let the kids watch a minute or two past their bedtime. But you need to do your part.  Just do your best and win.


Not your double momma but another one who gave up her date night and paid good money to see you get beat horribly 5-0 in game 5 but still loves you enough to don her fan t-shirt and believe.

6 thoughts on “Dear Henrik and Daniel,

  1. GO Canucks GO! You did it, boys! You were the good luck charm that they needed.

    I enjoyed the words that went with the pictures. I had to watch game 7 through the cracks in my fingers.

    Thanks, twins, for bringing the Canucks what they needed.

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