Happy O Day!

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Some days seem to have a trend and Friday ended up being a definite “O” type of day-especially when it came to food.

We started the morning with Trader Joe’s Os.

There was an Eltana bagel snack.

And then friends decided that we needed to get some energy out at Jump Planet in Bothell and this is the only picture that turned out from our trip there.  You may think this is not part of the “O” theme.

But Bothell is close to Mill Creek, and no Mill Creek trip is complete without a stop at Frost Donuts.

Then there was an O in our salad at lunch.

And, dinner was technically an O with its middle filled in.  Pizza at Tutta Bella is a great way to end an O day.  And no, there are no pictures because we devoured it all up too fast.

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