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Working out for health or looking good are great reasons but I need a workout incentive plan to force myself to the gym and in the long run the price of the incentive is WAY less then paying for the healthcare from not exercising, right?.  Currently there are a couple things driving me to sweat.  I’m working for one of these prizes and though I haven’t decided on my reward, I am now one workout away and I’m totally excited.  There is one stipulation for the workout want list (this rule has been set by the other decision maker in this workout incentive plan AKA the personal trainer or the hubby) and that is that whatever my reward is has to somehow help promote further exercising.

Here they are:

I love Lululemon and this is usually my go-to place for rewards on the few times I’ve actually worked out enough to earn my prize.  I’ve had my eye on this wrap for a while now. I actually already have one almost like it, but not enough like it to not buy this one.

Something else that I’ve been thinking about getting is this Clarisonic Mia.  I have heard so many good things about this product and I love that it’s from a local Bellevue company.  Apparently it helps make your face wash work more effectively, helping your skin to be more healthy.  It’s a no-brainer that taking care of skin and working out go hand in hand, so this is something that I can see myself totally needing if I continue this exercise kick.

And If the sun comes to Seattle for more than a day, these Ray-bans would be amazing.  They would aid me in getting to and from the gym when I start using the excuse that the glare is too bright for me to risk my eyes getting blinded for the sake of exercise.

And for my last choice, I love this keychain.

 If this was a zoo-visiting incentive plan, I could make a firm argument that this hedgehog would be a definite necessity for my van keys.  If anything, as a gym mascot it would be the way to cheer me on while I treadmill my way to my next incentive thus increasing workout productivity?  This might not fly with my personal trainer.  Whatever I choose, please cheer me on for exercising as I would much rather curl up on a sofa with a book and something chocolatey than run, bike, strike a plank pose or get my heart rate up at a place not selling things, even for fantastic prizes like these.

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  1. I love everything on your list! In fact, I purchased the wrap this past spring break when I was in NYC. Love it!

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