Maui Ocean Center (Wailuku, HI)

what to do in maui with kids
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The cloudy days around this years’ Mother’s Day made me reminisce for the first plane trip we took with the kids when they were 9 months old.  We thought that Maui would be a good idea, and that they would love splashing their feet on the beach.  They did not really love the ocean or swimming at first, but they did love eating the sand and playing and napping in a tent we rented.  We also found a really fun aquarium called the Maui Ocean Center that the boys seemed to thoroughly enjoy at the time.  Looking back at these pics now, this time was a blur, and I barely remember being there at all.  I do know that we did have a fantastic time, and we do have smiles on our faces in the pics.  So, I would definitely recommend Hawaii as a place to travel if you have young children, and take at least a few videos of your wee ones splashing around and exploring.  I wish I could remember the little baby sounds these guys used to make now that they are nearly 3 years old!

maui is a great trip for babies

maui ocean center with babies in tow

using a baby carrier is great at the maui ocean center-easier for the babies to see what's going on

hammerhead shark at the maui ocean center

touch pool at maui ocean center with babies

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  1. Maui Ocean Centre has this wonderful interactive area that we just love. The wall to wall aquarium is fantastic, too.

    Maui in general is the best!

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