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May 22, 2011 by admin

What is my favorite thing to do at Granville Island besides eating and drinking yummy delights?

Is it riding the seas on the aquabus? Yes, that too.

And the handmade local treasures everywhere?  (I personally can’t get enough of the lovely locally made goods.  This Track and Field Designs pouch can be found at Paper-Ya and I’m going to use it to store crayons in my purse.)

Watching grandparents taking pics of the toddlers and waterfowl while hiding with my hood on to protect myself from potential falling bird poo? Yes, that too.

The market changes every time we come so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I love about this place. I have fond memories of going here with my mom and dad when I was little and I love bringing my guys here now that I’m a mom.  And as I scurry from vendor to vendor trying to eat my fill of goodies and stock up on things I love for home, it’s neat that my duo sometimes reminds me that my fondest memories will come from still moments like this one:

Two boys listening to a young girl playing a violin in a crowded market.  This visit, this moment was my favorite thing at Granville Island.

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