One of those days where you make food, go fishing and do crafts

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Last night I went to a Bento class at Bellevue Whole Foods taught by a sweet blogger I love for her drool-worthy tweets about Japanese food.  I learned to make a few yummy things and thought I’d try to make the Tamago Yaki-it’s pretty much a folded omelet but I’ve never been able to get it right until now.

Yes,my first one was a little on the toasted side

and my critics were a little skeptical,

but I thought it was delicious and ate all their leftovers quite willingly.  I can’t wait to put it with rice in proper bento box (like this one I have my eye on) for a picnic one day.  My Tamago-yaki along with pancakes, yogurt and fruit turned out to be the perfect breakfast for the crazy adventure we went on today.

I’m really excited about a farm story I’m writing, and I thought we’d go check out the Springbrook Trout Farm.  I knew that it was a fish farm and that you could go fishing.  I didn’t realize that fishing meant actual fishing.  Which meant putting bait on a hook and actually trying to catch a fish to bring home and eat-you can’t throw back your fish.  Seeing my food live then on my plate is not something I typically seek out.  But, since becoming a boy mom, I’ve found myself pushing my envelope of what I typically do.  Who knows what my new norm will be in a few years?

It was pouring rain and we got a break in the storm to fish for a little while.  And thank goodness we didn’t catch anything.  But, our friend did.  Right off the bat, he caught a little trout on his hook which had to be taken off and put in a bucket to swim around for a little while for all the boys’ delight.  (Each little trout is 7 dollars FYI) The three boys couldn’t keep their hands off the poor little guy.  Not wanting to see our plaything get filleted and explain the circle of life today, we were able to convince another family that they could have our fish and we all went home empty-handed.  Otherwise we might have ended up with shared custody of a new pet trout.

Let’s not forget that we stopped at Ikea for lunch.  (By the way did you know the menu has changed?  Instead of being able to get choose what you like for the kids for a certain amount, it is now 2.49 for one of three combos: chicken and fries, mac and cheese and veggies or meatballs and mashed potato.  They’re still a great deal and each one comes with a drink.)

It was only a couple minutes away and it turned out to be a perfect stop.  It was tempting to maybe grab a few things, but we didn’t want to mess up nap.  So empty-handed here too.  No tea-lights.  No handy dandy clip things even though the Bean has used all of ours as pretend nail clippers.  (these things are amazing and cheap by the way!) No giant yellow bag full of things I think I’m going to decorate my house with.  This day is a momentous first.

We rounded the day with a fish craft.  Glitter. Glue. Scissors.  And now I have to clean the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “One of those days where you make food, go fishing and do crafts

  1. Wow! Another great day for the boys! Where do you find the great ideas? Fish, food, and craft – all before naptime. I see the day cleared up, too.

    Good to know about Springbrook. We’ll go some time soon.

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