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I snapped this blurry photo

as we were stopped at a light on 4th avenue downtown Seattle and I got excited because there’s a new sandwich shop to try out this summer and as we whizzed away, I thought there are a lot of things I’m thinking about right now that I wanted to share.

Like how appropriate this mug is for me and how on earth have I never seen it before and if it only had a his and hers version I would have snapped it up immediately.

Or why a toy company would ever think a toy like this would be a good idea (or safe), and how I let my guys try it today and they had such a brilliant time despite my occasional wincing, grimacing and scolding.

And how if you show up early you have a whole play center to your friends and yourself,

but wait that extra hour and it’s a zoo.

Why is it that when you give a kid some stickers, he decides to tattoo himself from head to toe?

And why would a toy store torture kids so?

How fair is it that my kids have seen Caspar Babypants at least 3 times this year and I never got to see the Presidents of the United States of America play once throughout all my teenage years?

And is this guitar at the Pacific Science Center actually playable or is it just a decoration?

Completely random, I know, but such are the musings one gets when toddlers decide to stay up late a couple nights in a row.

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