Hawaii 2011-where do we begin?


June 27, 2011 by admin

Travel is getting easier with the duo.  They can almost navigate themselves.

We went to Oahu a couple weeks ago and had a blast.  It was a low-key trip where we planned just to sit on the beach and swim. The first three nights were spent on the beach in Waikiki.

I picked up these straw hats from Old Navy before we went and they were so perfect for a vacation at the beach.  For some reason the boys started called them their “Ferrari” hats, so from now on, I think that’s what this type of hat is going to be.

It was nice to actually need sunglasses for a change. Leelee got freaked out when Baby Daddy pretended his big toe was a crab coming out of the sand.  After he recovered, he kept trying to figure out how exactly the toe crab worked with his own foot. He also managed to snap this picture while fooling around with our camera.


Some of the best beach toys we’ve ever used are left over coffee cups.  I like to think we’re promoting recycling.







We stayed at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach and it was a lovely hotel.  Our room had a beach view and this pool-even though we aren’t pool people-was perfect for watching one of the Canuck game-winning goals while we went swimming with the duo.  There was also a nice outdoor restaurant where we ate dinner one night and the guys were mesmerized by a live band.  Later we found out they are the same band on the soundtrack of the Dole Pineapple DNA.  (yes, we bought their CD and it’s right up there with Caspar Babypants on the duo’s playlist)   Mornings at the Shorebird Restaurant (included with our hotel stay) was a hit.  The guys liked getting “BIG BREAKFAST” and watching the ocean while we ate.  









At night we would boat around our hotel room while watching paddleboarders from the window.  Then the duo would snooze and either Baby Daddy or I would sneak out, see Waikiki at night and grab some yummy dessert to eat back in our room.


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