July Workout Want List

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July 2, 2011 by admin

The last list I posted, I was wanting my RayBans (purchased!) and a Clarisonic (hubby surprised me with one in Tiffany blue) and a Lululemon wrap (still on my want list but on hold until fall).  So, what am I working out for this month?
A Zoku!

This dreamy popsicle maker would be fantastic for post-workout healthy treats and I could also make fast pops for the kids.  It would also give me an excuse to try out some of these recipes.

Of course I’m wishing for another lulu-this time a Cool Down jacket in Coal.

And, a little bit of a stretch for something exercise-y, but I’m totally loving these Hunter Rainboots with a wedge.  I figure we will see more rainy days before the summer is out and it will be a fun excuse to wear these on the way to the gym.

Hmmm….what should I pick?  I am leaning towards the popsicle maker, but the lulu jacket is totally adorable.  Guess I better get on that treadmill, ASAP!

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