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I like to keep up with Canadian news and when I started to hear about the Steveston Salmon Festival and Canada parade, I got a little nostalgic (and started missing my sis terribly!) and decided that I could take the boys up north for the day.  Yes, we left the house at 6am and made it back for 10pm.  Just me and the guys.  Did I snap many pics? No. But here are the few I did take:

This is the Bean at the best playground we’ve ever been to.  Apparently it’s also called “BIG BIG park.”  I think that would probably be a good name for a park this huge.  Can you tell from this pic? NO. But I thought I better get a snapshot of the guys in their Canadian gear. When I get a chance, I’ll link some pics from previous trips so you can see how truly fantastic this park really is.

We also stopped by Auntie M and Uncle Roo’s P-patch and sampled some strawberries.

We caught (accidentally squished) some teeny tiny grasshoppers.

And spotted this color pairing  I’ve been seeing in all my fashion mags:

kind of like this Marc Jacobs’ solid perfume bracelet.










We watched the parade and tried to get the famous salmon bake, but it looked like that would take hours. And we were so busy taking it all in that I didn’t get any pictures at all.  So hopefully next year. If you look closely you might see the little Canadian flag on the back of the tractor.

You might also see that the tractor driver is wearing a gas mask??

Before we left we made sure to stop and get one of the famous Steveston Screamers I’ve been reading about.  Until my sister sends me her pics, you can catch a write-up and see what one is here. They are definitely divine.

As for me, I’m proud that I survived the drive.  And I will definitely do it again.

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