Birthday Dog Party ( A Go Dog Go themed party at Kidsquest Museum)


July 23, 2011 by admin

Ever since the boys saw Go Dog Go at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, they’ve been wanting a Dog Party.   So this past weekend we celebrated the boys turning 3 with some lovely family and friends at the Kidsquest Museum.  Yes, it was a dog party!  A big dog party! And we are so lucky to have such fantastic people in our lives.  Here’s a little of what went down.

Auntie J made some Go Dog Go signs and a fabulous cutout to stage pics:

Go dog go themed party

Auntie M made some amazing cookies.  You can see more of her cookie work here.

Go dog go themed party

Here is Auntie J getting in some pre-bday hugs at the Goody Bag table:

Go dog go themed party

And here are the cakes.  The giant green cake was supposed to be a tree, but it came out way too giant and I should have bought a bigger ‘stump’ (can wrapped in brown construction paper) to put it on.  I am most proud that the boys could tell that the dogs in cars were actually dogs in cars.  Bean wanted a green dog and Leelee wanted one that was yellow. The little cupcakes were from cupcake royale.

Go dog go themed party

Here are some more yummy treats.  I tried my hand at cake pops using this book by Bakerella.  The dogs in the cars were also made from the cake pop base.

Go dog go themed party

Grandpa J and Uncle J were great sports cooking pancakes and wearing dog hats.

Go dog go themed pancake party

Even great-grandpa Jichan made the drive from Vancouver! (Thank you so much to all the family and friends who also made the drive down.) He’s posing here with my sis, the cookie maker.

This was the party room.  It took a while to convince all the kids to come in from the museum to hang out and eat. We made pancakes and ordered breakfast sandwiches from Panera Bread because it was a morning party.  (In the summer time pancake toppings are easy because there are so many yummy local berries.)

We made a game plan before hand so there would be no confusion about how to do the cake.  We decided ahead of time that we would sing each boy “Happy Birthday” on their own.  The boys decided that Leelee would be first.

The Bean went second and here is his creative blowing.  We practiced blowing without spitting by saying “O” first to make a big mouth.  The cool thing is, the same technique worked for teaching him how to blow bubbles.

Go dog go themed pancake party

I think they boys had a lot of fun.

And so did I.  I’m so lucky to be the mom of such sweet boys. ( And for a sweet hubby and family that make my crazy party ideas come to life.)


  1. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday boys! Looks like you had a wonderful party! As I’m sure your mom outdid herself 😉

  2. Erin Sawyer says:

    It looks like it was a great party! I’m constantly amazed at your fantastic ideas and creativity!

  3. Pancakes are perfect for a party. Plus you can eat cake for breakfast! Super cute. I loooove the dog cookies. What talent she has!

    • eckids says:

      I totally saw your pancake cakes the other day and that would have been perfect for this party! I will definitely pass on the dog cookie compliment-I’m so lucky she’s my sis:) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Mrs_JennyK says:

    Wow- how many kids were there? You are one brave and ambitious mama! Love the pancakes idea. Fun!

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