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August 4, 2011 by admin

Yesterday the guys would not get moving in time to meet our friends at the zoo and since we just got back from camping, I was in no move to budge them.  When they finally got hungry and since I still wanted to go out, we headed to the market for lunch.  While we were there I snapped a few pics for a Trophy Cupcake contest– I thought it was a little coincidental that this contest started just around the time I got my first and only ticket 9 years ago (right before my wedding!) for turning where I wasn’t supposed to while trying to get a cupcake from one of the first cupcake stores I ever saw pop up.  So feeling a little nostalgic about cupcakes, and my anniversary, here are a few of the shots:

Here’s Leelee riding Rachel the pig, except taking this picture was a little more difficult than I thought because the Bean wanted to be held.  Three shots and I still have no cute pig face-sorry Rachel.  It wasn’t meant to be.

And then we visited the Gum wall.  The Bean could not believe how much gum there was stuck on that wall.

No trip to the market would be complete without a stop to watch the cheese.  They seriously can stand here for hours, but the market was getting very busy.  We grabbed a sandwich to bring the Olympic Sculpture Park.

We sorted lids here and munched our lunch.  And snapped a couple more cupcake pics.  So, our morning turned out okay afterall.

But today we were all still bummed that we didn’t go to the zoo yesterday, so we managed a quick trip.  Especially because it’s so hot, I thought the bear might swim.  Well, thankfully, the keepers were handing out popsicles, so low and behold:

The guys were in awe and me too.  I totally love summers in Seattle and so must this lucky bear-he even licked the glass.

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