It takes two nights to be a camper…(Fort Flagler, Washington)


August 6, 2011 by admin

camping with toddlers in the pacific northwest

At about 2 am on Sunday night, you might have heard a scream resonating from some forest far away that sounded like a crazed woman yelling “I’ll never camp again. Get me in the car and take me home-now!” But with good reason.  The kids were waking up every 20 minutes, they were a little snotty, and it was really, really cold. My hubby gave me a kiss, handed me a flashlight to read my novel and said I’d be fine in the morning.  And I was. And when we woke up to sunny skies, a campfire and a s’more for breakfast, it wasn’t so bad after all.

camping with toddlers in the northwest

camping with toddlers in the northwest

We had taken the ferry to Kingston to drive to Fort Flagler on a camping trip we’d been planning for weeks on what was supposed to be a sunny weekend, but it was still drizzling when we got off the ferry and rolled into our campsite.  The kids seemed to be fighting a yucky summer cold, but we decided that we’d just roll with it and we could always come home.  We made a lot of simple meals over the fire and on our old camping stove from the pre-baby days.  And I was pleasantly surprised that we were not actually in the wilderness-there was a hut that sold coffee, ice cream and even hot food on a grill.

The kids loved riding their trikes and playing with the toys we brought,

bringing tricycles to the campsite

camping with toddlers in the northwest

flying kites,

bringing kites to fort flagler camping

fort flagler camping with toddlers in the northwest

and just being outdoors.

what to bring for camping with toddlers

great campsite for little kids fort flagler

camping with kids in the northwest

The second night, everyone was exhausted and we all slept like babies.

As for me, I still think camping is a little like being in a dirt/animal/ bug-filled hotel without walls and with communal toilets (blech!) but this time it was also really really fun.  We may just have to try it again next summer, (maybe sooner.)


  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds like fun! My family would go to Fort Flagler when my bro and I were kids – some great memories from there! Can’t wait to do some of this stuff w/ mine 🙂

  2. Gibson says:

    Great post! I’ll have to check out Fort Flagler with my kids sometime. If you’re looking for other camp spots, I found a list from Red Tricycle:

  3. […] to believe these are my children.  We’ve taken the kids to a few places in the past, like Fort Flagler and one near a neat game farm so we’ll see where the hubby plans to take us this year.  […]

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