Great Airplane Books for Toddlers

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Right now, the boys are definitely in love with airplane books, and here are a few we have been reading to prep for some upcoming getaways:

Airplane Flight has lift-up flaps and a catchy-rhyme-y story.  The boys love the part where the plane flies around a storm.  The Bean was awake when we went through a big storm flying into Honolulu one trip, and he likes to talk about how he held my hand at this part.

Going on a Plane is a paper-back book that talks a lot about the flying process, from packing to what to expect on a flight in an easy to understand story.  The book is thin so it’s an easy one to bring along on a trip too.

Airport is a very simple, paper-back book.  Each page only has a few words.  The guys really like the detailed pictures in this book and it is also an easy one to bring along in a backpack on a flight.

Some others we love are Planes, A Day a the Airport and Amazing Airplanes, but these ones are tucked away in the boys’ room at the moment and thankfully both are still napping.  (Thank Goodness).

(PS. Here are more books we’ve added to the library-we’re growing from toddlers into kids!)

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