McCormick Stillman Railroad Park (Phoenix, AZ)


September 17, 2011 by admin

We’re gearing up for an Arizona trip and it’s so chilly around here that it got me thinking about our first trip to Phoenix with the boys.  We went in December 2009 when the boys were about a year and a half.  We always thought Phoenix would be warm and sunny but it was freezing when we arrived and we soon realized that we would not be able to spend our trip hanging around the pool lounging.  We made an abrupt change of plans, bundled into the one set of sweatshirts we brought and went out to explore. Since the boys were in love with trains, we ended up at the Mccormick Stillman Railroad Park. It was Christmas-time so the boys loved the little decorations they had all over.

They fell in love with carousels.

And we rode the P and P express.  And rode it again.  And again.

I think the boys were in train heaven and while this train park was fun and the boys would be thrilled to go back, I’m hoping that we can avoid this one on this trip.  Seriously all I want to do is just float on a yellow dingy on a lazy river and bake in the sun before it’s sweater and parka time.  It is too cold too suddenly in Seattle today and I’m dreaming of one last blast of sunshine.  I just can’t believe how little my guys look in the pictures-it seems like this wasn’t that long ago at all.
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  1. Lisa says:

    We had a similar experience arriving in Phoenix in March a few years ago – couldn’t believe that it was actually cold and we were so unprepared for it. Fortunately you can always find something to do no matter the weather. Looks like your boys thoroughly enjoyed the railroad park.

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