Build your own burritos

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There is nothing that drives me more crazy than when I work hard to create what I think is going to be a fantastic meal and the guys pick at it for a couple minutes then run away to play.  When I make them do the work, I find they often eat more.  This is one of their favorites: I just cut up a bunch of burrito fixings and put them in separate compartments (why littles love separated food is beyond me….) then they put it all together on a tortilla shell and I roll it for them.  I love that it’s an activity AND a meal.

PS . if you’re wondering where to get the adorable little animal forks, they’re from my big Daiso shopping trip.










































2 thoughts on “Build your own burritos

  1. Love the haircuts! Looks like you’re enjoying all of the fixins on your plates, boys! You look so intent on all of the little parts to your tortilla/burrito.

    I think I like the giraffe spoons, and the baked beans, the best!

    Enoy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not sure how old your twins are but they are adorable! Kids love to do things for themselves, so I can understand why they would enjoy this so much. Fun pics!

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