In case you were wondering what jet-lagged twin toddlers look like

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This is 2am on Saturday night.  We are making pancakes and waiting for the sun to rise.  This is after about 14 trips to the bathroom and me waving a white flag.  This is what jet-legged twin toddlers look like.

Two of us were thrilled-pancakes at midnight?  What fun!  And one of us is too exhausted to do anything about it.  We just got back from Asia and it’s morning for all of us back there, but not in Seattle.  In Seattle we ALL shoulda be sleeping right now. But, I kind of think that we just start the day and then we’ll get back on track.  And I’m hoping this potion really delivers miracles.

(Now is a great time if you want to submit an eye cream for an extremely eye-bagged subject to review…..)

(PS. Looking back on this post YEARS later, we still talk about this night.  The waking up at midnight, the making pancakes and the fun time we had together.  Travel sometimes is not just the going on the trip part but the re-entry part too.  And we still start the day when we wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep-there is no point making jet-lag last longer than it needs to!)

One thought on “In case you were wondering what jet-lagged twin toddlers look like”

  1. Try the eye cream for a week. It doesn’t help you had Standard Time to deal with when you got back..maybe that was a blessing, too.

    I take it you didn’t get your extra hour of sleep.

    In a week, it’ll be back to normal………jet lag will just be another memory-another dream….

    Think of how long we, as adults, take to get over jet lag. It must be weird as a child.

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