Less-Words Wednesday

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On Wednesdays I try and participate in the Wordless Wednesday Linkup.  I’m not good with having no words so I just try and write less than I usually do:

Here’s what happened when I put out the turkey craft I bought at Michaels for the boys while I did the dishes.  They used the picture as ‘instructions’ and even got the eyes in the right spots!  I can’t believe how much they’re starting to grow up!

The boys’ huggies got their first bath (in years, yes disgusting, I know) and we were all a little worried when they became engulfed in a sea of bubbles.  But, everyone survived.


And the box parade from my last weeks’ buying binge has started to arrive…..


which means the boys will be absolutely entertained until Christmas and makes my case that online shopping is not just about great deals, but it is a necessity for my survival.

Happy Wednesday!

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