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December 6, 2011 by admin

Let’s make a deal.  If you have only met me for a few moments and don’t realize that I’m just lounging boorishly in the comfort of my own passenger seat in the front of my own MINIVAN while waiting for a ferry to arrive with two crazed boys wildly singing in the back, please don’t go assuming that I am perhaps pregnant.  And even if you do, please don’t ask-I’m either accidentally knocked up and not happy about it, OR I’m NOT PREGNANT.  Not at all.  And as part of my deal Ferry ticketing lady (the poor soul who caused all this drama)-I will make a point of sucking in and sitting up next time I drive through your lineup, so you don’t make this awful mistake again.

Yes, I would be the first to admit the past few months have been full of too much eating wonderful and fabulous food.

Azuki bean and Chocolate coffee drink in Singapore

Cute and tasty baked treats from Tokyo

Bean Dessert at Din Tai Fung (Bellevue)

A meal devoured at Blue C sushi Uvillage

Truffled popcorn from Seattle’s RN74

Krispy Kreme donuts in November in Tokyo

But, I’ve also found free workouts on Exercisetv online late one night when my DVD player devoured and died with my Jillian Michael’s DVD stuck inside.  Specifically I love this site for this free and fantastic BRIDAL workout (Yes, it’s a bridal workout, but it’s amazing!).  And, I know it’s making me look NOT PREGNANT. Sadly this site disappears on December 31st and I thought I better share before you all think I’m nuts talking about something that does not exist.  If you are looking for a workout to help you look NOT PREGNANT and that makes you feel like you’re working out for a purpose, (You do want to make your next dress fitting don’t you….it would be awful if you fell while you walk down the aisle…) then you might want to check it out.


  1. […] The guys also liked the new Wellbody exhibit at the Science Center.  They pretended this amazing food calorie counter was the sushi conveyer belt from their favorite Blue C. […]

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