Jurong Bird Park (Singapore)

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Jurong Bird Park with kids in Singapore

I was not expecting the Jurong Bird Park to be on my list of places I want to see again when we go back to Singapore.  I’ve never really been a fan of birds: they fly around, poo overhead, have very sharp knife-like beaks and pretty much just creep me out.   But, this place is pretty popular in Singapore and I heard they have neat tours, so I emailed before we went and made sure we signed up for a Bird’s Eye Tour.

I’m so glad we did the tour because we got to ride in this fantastic little tram-thing. Even though it was the end of October, it was absolutely boiling.  Maybe 100 degrees?  I can’t imagine us Seattle-folk being able to walk for long in the weather without melting away, especially not the boys.  With this tram came a lovely tour guide (and I’m so sorry I forgot her name-she is my new bird hero!) and she taught us so much about them.  My new favorite is the vulture.???!! because according to our host, they are absolutely vital to our circle of life and they are completely misunderstood.  They eat stuff no one else does and helps it decompose.  They can even smell gas leaks.  (My two cents for the vulture.)

My new friend managed to get a picture of our whole family smiling on a bridge high up in the air.

Taught us about ostrich eggs.

Helped us feed an ostrich.  (Apparently they like bananas.)

And then took us to the coolest Lorry feeding area.  One Lorry even tried to stow a ride on the hubby’s backpack.

The boys also enjoyed feeding the birds.

Private tour with kids at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

And it was pretty amazing that they didn’t get too scared.

The highlight of the tour came when our leader brought out what I thought was  a bread bag….

And gave the boys handfuls of these:

Can you tell I was a little terrified?  Even the camera photo is blurry!  But the birds loved the wormy things so much they followed us everywhere.  Like all those Disney Princesses and their birds that follow them around.

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore private tour with kids

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

I think I could get used to being a princess…birds aren’t really that bad after all. And after a day of hanging out with them, no one got stabbed by a beak and only 1 in a party of 5 got hit by poo. (And it wasn’t me.)

We’ll definitely be back.

11 thoughts on “Jurong Bird Park (Singapore)

  1. Beautiful pics. The boys sure expressed delight.I think your tour guide is called “Grace”, I hope. Enlarged her name tag.

    1. We all did;) I love watching them learn about animals and life-they’re really becoming little ‘people’ now….How old is your duo?

  2. Looks like a great place to visit – even for someone who isn’t particularly fond of birds. I think you may have given away a princess secret though – we were assuming it was their sweet nature that had the birds following along when it may just have been a pocketful of worms. 🙂

    1. Thanks! No,we’re in Seattle but we’re lucky enough to have family in Singapore so we head that way every few years:)

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