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Two days in and I’ve already sort of broken two of my resolutions.  We were going to try and eat out less in 2012.  And then we ate out tonight.  We couldn’t even make it through the first week without eating out, so I think I’m going to addend my resolution to say that when we eat out, I’d like to be more prepared.  Like I remembered to stash these Wikki Stix I bought for a steal (when I bought them it was 9.95) in my purse.



Having these distractors made for the best dinner out in 2012 so it was worth blowing the resolution for a lovely meal. (And no, this restaurant remains un-named unless you ask nicely, or email.  I want to keep this haunt below the radar, it’s so good.)

The other resolution was wrecked when I saw this shirt for the boys on sale:













I wanted to buy less things in 2012, but who am I kidding?  I love shopping.  And I love stores like Peek kids especially when they have 50% off sales and have a shirt featuring a significant local historic landmark that just so happens to be turning 50 this year.  So who could blame me?  It’s more fun to break these resolutions than to keep them.

Now let’s just see if I end up watching the Bachelor this season…..next year I’ll need to resolve for more willpower, but this year I’ll settle for just having fun.

Anyone else broken any resolutions yet?

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