Things you don’t really need at Ikea but should buy anyway

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  • January 6, 2012
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This morning we headed to Ikea because we wanted to get some drawer pulls to replace some that had broken.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find them in the maze and it felt very cliche to be shopping for organizational stuff the first week of January anyways.  So we didn’t buy anything functional.  It was just a mom and sons fun shopping trip.

We found our carts and set off to fill them.

We signed up for the Ikea Family program.  I love it because you get free coffee or tea everytime you go. This really helps if you end up getting cake (something you definitely don’t need 6 days into January but remember, we were not on a real, organizational, New Years resolution type of shopping trip).  And it was delicious.

The boys decided on these animal carriers for their huggies.

And I found the easel that I’ve been wanting for only 14.99.  I seriously got a mini-workout hefting it around from the children’s area to the checkout. (I wonder if anyone has clocked how far that trek actually is??)  Hopefully having this easel will help foster creativity in the New Year.  If anything it will at least look like I’m trying to create artists, right?



Other things that may or may not have made it into my shopping bin:  Ikea Felt Food, a little grooming kit for animals, a farm animal set that would be fantastic for an airplane trip, and the best swivel chair ever. (I have to keep this part vague as my hubby tends to read this, tally the total in cost and house/space reduction and panic.)

And no trip to Ikea would be complete without these bag clips.  They are probably the only thing we really need from this store. For 2.99 they seal bags reducing mess in my kitchen.  But they also disappear mysteriously and the boys use them to ‘cut nails’, feed their animals and do my hair.









I’ll probably be back again next week, because once you’ve been bitten by the Ikea bug, you just can’t get enough.  At least I didn’t come home with bunkbeds this trip. (But I kind of wanted to to.)

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