Anjou Bakery (Cashmere, WA)


January 11, 2012 by admin

We went to Wenatchee this weekend looking for snow.  We didn’t find snow in actual Wenatchee-but we did at  LAKE Wenatchee and at the Hyak Sno-Park on the way home.

And that was lovely of course.  But you know how I feel about sports and snow and the outdoors.  (Think cat in water or nails on chalkboard-I’m kind of like that, except I fare a little bit better when I know my guys love it so much) So what was the most magical part of the trip?

I found an amazing bakery that I would go back to in a heartbeat.  It’s in a little town called Cashmere (wouldn’t you just love to say you come from Cashmere?) and it’s my fairy-tale “let’s sell everything and move away and start an adorable bakery/coffee shop in a town with an amazing name” dream.  Just look at it again:

Yummy pastries in bags definitely make all the difference when you get back to the car after playing in the snow.  We loved the pear pastry and this chocolate cupcake-esque treat.

PS-if you need a kid-friendly place to stay in Wenatchee, we stayed at the Springhill Suites and the boys LOVED the pool, the milk and cookies at night and the Chupa Chups at the front desk.


  1. […] late on the way there and the boys snored through on the way back but we made a short pit-stop at Anjou Bakery, thank goodness!) In Chelan, we checked into a two-bedroom suite at the Campbell’s resort.  […]

  2. […] We’re gearing up for ski season.  The boys have their new ski helmets (they’re on sale at REI this week!) and we’re all ready to get up to the mountain.  This winter is the first time we’re actually going to embrace total snow and learn to ski: in the past we’ve just headed up to Grouse to see Santa or we’ve sledded at our local mountains. […]

  3. […] I have no sense of direction and I also thought this sweet bakery was on the way.  Apparently it’s on the 2 and not the 90.  I’ll remember that for next […]

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