Books, Babies and a Brief Encounter at the Seattle Aquarium

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The boys love this book that they received when they wee babies (Thank you Marcia and Ken!)

and I think because they love it, they also love the sea otters at the aquarium.  So when I told them that one of the sea otters was going to have a baby a couple weeks ago, it’s been their top place to visit if they get to choose.  Today, Aniak the otter at the Seattle Aquarium finally had her pup at about 5am.  So of course, we had to go and say hello. Here are our paparazzi-esque shots of the new mom and her pup.  There were tons of other people all wanting to say hello to the new baby too! (Read: we were not the only crazy, excited ones.)

We also visit the sea anemones who were getting fed:

And had a little snack we brought from the Columbia City Bakery.  (Love the cardamom cherry cake and the whiskey bread too much!)

The starfish were also a big hit today.

And this might be due to another book we received as a gift:

(Thank you Al and Marilyn!)

I think we’ll be heading here even more now to see the little baby and all it’s cute antics!  It’s pretty neat the excitement that new life brings, even in the animal world and I love sharing this with my own little ones.

(The most surprising animal we saw today though was actually not in the aquarium.  Uncle Roo spotted this harbor seal swimming nearby as we left.  It’s visit was fleeting and this is not a great shot, but it was amazing to see such a beautiful animal out in the wild.)



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