What you do the day before the Biggest Snowstorm Ever!

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According to this article we have a “juicy storm” coming our way.  I totally thought it was coming today so I’ve prepared for the biggest snowstorm ever.  I forgot that living in the United States the news is always Armageddon with the weather so I totally wasted my day thinking I would be stuck on some icy hill somewhere with two screaming kids.  But, maybe it’ll be real this time.
So what do you do to entertain yourself on a faux snow day when you’re stuck at home with two kids?
We started by roasting the pumpkin we grew in the garden that didn’t orange itself in time for Hallowe’en.

It was sitting in our kitchen for the longest time and driving my husband crazy.  I was going to carve it with the guys for fun but thought it would be more useful as pumpkin bread and I read somewhere that you can just put it in the oven whole and it’s easy to roast.  (We have puree right now, the loaf will be on tomorrow’s project list.)

We were out of actual bread today too, so we tried making a loaf to eat with our soup at lunch.  It wasn’t good.  It even dimpled in on top.

There’s a good chance that I didn’t get the recipe right.  Real bread is one of those things that needs to be exact, and I’m more of a wing it type of baker.  It turned out very very dry.  If I’m ambitious I’m going to try another recipe tonight from a lovely blog I just started reading-I hope it fares better.  There’s nothing like a nice just-out-of-oven loaf on a chilly snowy day.

We played hockey.  And Lego. Playmobile. Books.  And Lego again. And as we were looking up at our Christmas cards missing friends and civilization, I remembered that the Science Center one had a recipe for Bird Feeders inside and we just happened to have a 5 ton bag of birdseed.


This  was a messy craft (if this were Sesame Street, messy would be the word of our day), but if it actually snows tomorrow, it’ll be fun to hang these up and see what birds stop by for a visit.





We capped the day off by decorating giant gingerbread men I brought at Trader Joe’s at Christmas.

Tomorrow we will begin by vacuuming, among other things.  And then probably more of the same.  I can’t tell if I’m hoping for snow or not yet….

2 thoughts on “What you do the day before the Biggest Snowstorm Ever!

  1. Laugh…laugh. You are amazing.

    Randie threw my pumpkin out. Little does he know I have another stashed away to make soup this week. But I don’t have wee ones to get in the way.

    I’m procrastinating. I’m trying to finish something, and I accidentally stopped by.

    Talk soon. Have a fun, faux snow day

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