Carpe Diem at Cafe Medina


January 26, 2012 by admin

There’s been a lot of talk in the mom world lately about Carpe Diem, and frankly, whenever I hear that phrase, all I can imagine is Robin Williams eerily whispering it to those college boys in Dead Poet’s Society and it creeps me out and makes me feel old.

I prefer the mantra you see above your head while you’re waiting in line (yes, Vancouverites seem to like lineups for their yummy restaurants…) at the Medina Cafe.

Cafe medina in vancouver

It is too short.

So it makes it that much more wonderful when you get a moment to enjoy life over breakfast with someone you love.

His and hers breakfasts

Eating at Cafe Medina in Vancouver

His and hers lattes.  (Mine was pistachio and rosewater and though I don’t know what rosewater is, it was the loveliest latte I’ve had in a while. )

Cafe Medina in Vancouver BC

But no waffle pics.  Our forks were too fast.

Carpe Diem should mean get the waffle.  GET THE WAFFLE!!!!


  1. Pearl says:

    Hey. Where were my boys in this breakfast for two?

    Looks like a delish breakie, though, and the lattes look heavenly. I like the swirl.

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