Goodbye January

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I didn’t even have time to spell the whole word.

Within minutes, it was destroyed.  Goodbye January! Goodbye Jan.

What a weird weather month you’ve been.

Warm enough weather for biking at the park.


And glorious sunshine.  (Maybe this doesn’t count as actual Seattle weather because it involved an airplane, but it certainly helped our Vitamin D intake this month).  Thank goodness California is only a short flight away from Seattle!

Weather as unpredictable as two 3-year olds, their temper tantrums and trying to decide if the moment will end in a battle, a giggle-fest or serenity…..

February?  We’ll take it.  As for now we’ll say goodbye January and head back to the beach!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye January

  1. OK- now how fair is that? Those two munchkins are on a beach making sandcastles, and then by the beach wrapped in towels. It is finally pleasant where we are, but no sandcastle weather…. Have a wonderful February, guys-wherever February will take you. Happy Vitamin D.

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