Easy Valentine Pancakes

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Thank goodness for cookie cutters.  One boy wanted frog pancakes for breakfast.

I just added the Pocky sticks because they were pink and on the counter but the guys pretended they were chopsticks. I pretended that I did that on purpose so they could try to pick up their pancakes and it turned out to be a fun game.  I’ll have to remember this for next year.

I even tried a “Groundhog Day Salad” this year using the same cookie cutters.  I used a basic balsamic reduction (Balsamic vinegar and sugar zapped in the microwave for about 30 seconds) for the eyes and nose.  Yes, they look like bears, but to the guys they were groundhogs.  And I love an easy way to add a theme to the day or the food we’re eating. (Former life= middle school teacher.  I can’t help myself.)










The only hangup to this food game: one boy is not a fan of eating food with faces.  Vegetarian in the making?  We shall see.  As for now, it’s fun making things like Valentine pancakes and I”m so thankful for cookie cutters to help me out.



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