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If you know me, you know that I’m afraid of many things.  Playgrounds.  Heights.  Elevators. Getting cash from inside of bank.  (Um, yes.  There might be a hold-up, you never know.) But blood is definitely at the top of the list. Even the thought of it gives me the shivers. Blech. Blood.

So when I got my last issue of Real Simple, I started to feel a little salvation to a current problem.

Cut-Resistant Gloves. So these would be perfect, but I’ve already survived many of my grown-up years without them so I don’t really need them for me.  BUT what is the smallest size cut-resistant gloves they make?

Do they make these in toddler size?  PLEASE. For goodness sake, please someone make these in toddler size.  How on earth do we not LOSE ALL THE FINGERS with wee ones running around with sharp blades?

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