A brilliant idea goes awry


February 29, 2012 by admin

I don’t know if I should even call this a brilliant idea. I saw a picture on a friend’s facebook of her kid at the beach.  And then I thought, “hmmm….that looks like fun, where is there a beach around Seattle?” There are many beaches.  If you live in Seattle you can probably name five at the top of your head.  But those weren’t good enough for me on Friday.  I needed to go to a beach on Bainbridge Island.  And, my lovely partner in crime for the day did not remember the time I made her go fishing in pouring rain or the Caspar Babypants concert I found in some remote location that took us hours to get to.  (She is definitely the loveliest.) And off we went.

I guess I did get a picture of my kid on a beach.

I also got one of the rest of our group running away from the freezing cold, slippery, rocky, dangerous bad idea.

This was not tranquility.  And, even the backup plan was doomed.

On days like this, I have to remember it’s the journey that counts.  And thank goodness for good company.

(Thank you A and family, you are good sports.)


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