Haupia Pi(e) Day


March 15, 2012 by admin

Yesterday was March 14th, (3/14) and in this lovely nerdy city we live in, it’s celebrated with pie.  It was super rainy so we decided to go with the trend and try our hand at making our own. (We were still drooling over the yummy Haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery in Oahu, so we thought we’d try and recreate that one.  Yeah right.)

We started with making a crust.  We used a recipe from this cookbook for a light crust.  (thanks mom!)

And practiced cutting it into circles (more pi) so they could fit into our muffin tins.

Most people might have round cookie cutters on hand.  We didn’t. The sippy cup lids for 12-oz lattes that we thought would work ended up being a little small, so we went through a lot of circular objects in the kitchen trying to get the fit right.

While the crusts baked, we worked on another recipe: our favorite chocolate pudding.

And received a sign from the universe that there is always a little sunshine and happiness if you look for it.

We poured the pudding into the cooked pastry shells and put it in the fridge for a while.

And later in the afternoon, I mixed this up.

I think you could make your own coconut jello too, but remember, we’re novices.

Voila.  Not as perfect as the yummy one from Ted’s that I only got one forkful, but still yummy just the same.  And, it brought a little sweetness and adventure to an otherwise dreary, rainy, yucky, indoor Seattle day.  (PS pie dough doesn’t have any eggs in it, so it’s a fun dough to shape with little ones if you’re cautious about raw eggs.)

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  1. Pearl says:

    3.1415- Lauren says wait until March 14, 2015. That will be a great day, too. Glad to see you celebrate pi(e) day, too.

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