Running Gear for Rainy Days.

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Call me crazy, but I randomly signed up for a half-marathon the other day.  To date, the farthest I’ve ever run is a 10-km probably 10 years ago and I’m not really sure why I signed up for it at all except for that morning when I saw an email about it I was feeling like I needed an exercise plan and thought I better jump right into something.  (Headfirst, I guess.)  I  know I’ve said “I’m never going to be one of those people who runs a marathon.”  I’m still not.  I’m only doing half.  And I do have time to back out.

Except I found some really cute running gear and it would be a shame not to buy some. As it turns out, you have to train for something like a half-marathon and in Seattle that means practicing in the rain.

This Stella McCartney one is an obvious choice for a novice runner.  It’s called “Run” so no one could ever question my intent.  If I’m wearing it, I’m running.  (Or at least trying to look the part.)

This one is a little retro, and might make me look like I’ve been running for awhile as long as the flailing arms and on-the-verge-of-death-last-breath-gasps don’t give me away.  (It may have ended up in my cart already, as it’s on an incredible deal at Nordstroms.)

And I do love the color here. The pockets are a nice touch too.  (Where does one put all necessary accoutrements when running these days?  A fanny pack?)

The rest of the family is doing just fine with their current rain/running gear.

As long as each of them has their own puddle, and no one jumps too high, they’re great.

(PS. I told them I was running a ‘race’ to make this thing sound all cool and important.  “You better win mommy!” Leelee tells me.  Someone needs to tell him the winner is the one who put it’s going to take her 6.5 hours to do it on the entry form.  What have I gotten myself into?)

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