Springtime planting


March 21, 2012 by admin

Last year, gardening was such a big hit with the duo, we didn’t want to waste anytime getting started.  Last week we started some little herb seedlings and we’re just waiting for them to sprout.  I’m hoping to get a little Martha-esque and actually make these little planters to put them in.

Today we took adventure of a beautiful sunny spring morning and got to work tending our little soil patch to plant these seeds we found at Whole Foods last week.

I made the mistake last year of buying peas that you can’t eat the outside of, but these ones, the “sugar snap” variety are easy to grow and apparently you can plant them as “soon as soil can be worked.”  (Got that right off the packet, I’m a novice green thumb, remember.)  Anyways, the boys are no longer novices as they got right in and raked the weeds.

They even dissected a little hazelnut seedling some squirrel must have forgotten about in our yard.

We made a little row and plopped the seeds in.

And now we have muddy boots on the patio and two snoozing littles.  Gardening is tough work! (And now mommy gets a little time to shop and rest.  No wonder I like gardening so much!)


  1. Auntie Pearl says:

    I’m going to come over and have my favorite peas with my two fav boys.

  2. Pearl says:

    Who has the Hunter boots?

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