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March 28, 2012 by admin

I was debating how to tell my mother I got accepted to a panel of moms trying to green up their housecleaning without her fainting in disbelief.

I tested it out on a more neutral party.

“What did your housecleaner say when you gave her the cleaning products?” my lovely test-group subject asked with a snicker.  My sister knows me too well.  She knows I’ve broken a vacuum trying to suck up dirt we’ve spilled from a plant falling over.  And that we’ve ‘tidied’ things with artfully placed bedding, hidden clothes mountains in closets and used drawers as a catch all for everything we could stuff inside.  She also knows that before I moved away from home, I probably never cleaned a toilet in my life.

So when the duo was born it was a no-brainer that I would need some household help.  But over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot about cleaning while I’ve consoled cleaners who have accidentally broken various items around my house, showed them how to clean surfaces, re-cleaned rooms that weren’t cleaned well in the first place and learned what to check for to make sure things actually get cleaned.  And now as the kids get older and do things more independently I somehow (sickly) find it therapeutic to take a disaster-zone and make it pristine.  Naturally I want this to be good for me and good for them.

Hence the idea of getting greener in my cleaning.

I received this test supply of cleaner to start off this new endeavor.

And the hubby went to Costco and it looks like he’s on board too.  (Did I mention he’s the cleanest man in the world?)

We’ll see how this goes-it’s funny how many new things I’m starting this spring.  I wonder how many I’ll be still doing at the end of the year.  (And mom, I’m sorry I didn’t learn this skill earlier.  It probably would have come in handy during my teenage years.)

(PS I received the three items in the picture from Clorox but they did not require me to write this post.  The motherload my husband bought came out of his pocket and made me laugh.  Advertising and putting the messiest woman in the world on a cleaning panel might actually drive sales-at least in this household.  Just so you know.)

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