Honolulufest Parade and Something we made

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Whenever we travel I like to check out what goes on in the city when we’re there.  The last time we went to Oahu it coincided with the Honolulu Festival called “Honolulufest” and I was so excited to watch the parade.

Honolulufest with kids

This float was spectacular-like a giant glowing lantern.

Honolulufest parade with kids

And the boys remembered it when we made our craft from a recent BabaBox delivery.  It was a paper-mache balloon craft that included a LED ‘candle’ to put inside the finished lantern to make it glow.  They totally thought about the giant lantern we saw.

Next time we need to try to paint some intricate painting on the outside.  But the boys were really proud of what they made.










It’s fascinates me how the kids can relate things that we’ve seen on our travels to things we experience in our daily living.  It makes me realize how important it is to travel as a family.  I love how they tied in their experience at the Honolulufest Parade to something so simple we made at home.

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