Fooling around in March and an April Fools


April 11, 2012 by admin

I was going through my phone photos and I found a few fabulous outfits I overlooked in March:

Here Leelee is modeling Scuba style from the Seattle Aquarium.  I love that we even got a picture with flippers ON.

And here we have home cooking style with the Bean.

We bought two of this OXO set at Merry Go Round in Bellevue and it’s so cute when the guys wear it while they cook.

Finally this is Sounders Style.  I never imagined that my almost 4-year old guys would be wearing Babylegs, but these soccer print ones are seriously awesome and they love wearing them with their Sounders jerseys. (They also have ones in a Canadian print that the duo loves for July 1st.  And I’m thinking I better get some red, white and blue ones for the 4th too.  These are the ultimate in pretend play accessory for boys and the coolest thing is they last forever!)

All this creativity keeps me on my toes.  On April Fool’s day, I had to do something and I know I’ve seen this faux egg trick before.  Sunny side up eggs…

made of peaches set in almond jello.  The ‘yolks’ were a little too big-I should have told the guys they were Ostrich eggs.  If I did it again, I would try to find apricots instead of peaches, but the boys thought this was hilarious once they figured it out.  I’ll have to research more thoroughly for next year and really get them;)  And I’ll have seriously have to work on my style.  I love the outfits they come up with!




  1. […] also need a good April Fool’s Day prank for the guys for tomorrow, I’m thinking I might revisit the faux eggs I made a few years […]

  2. […] and half a canned apricot.  The juice is actually jello.  And I’d actually done something similar a few years ago and they totally didn’t remember it today at all.  They were simply thrilled […]

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