The whole beach to ourselves

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The last time this happened, we all camped out under an umbrella at our resort in Turtle Bay determined to have a nice day at the beach despite the torrential rain that kept pouring down.  I don’t think you’d ever find such a beautiful beach in Hawaii so empty so we savored it.  (But still, we made plans to come back again to see it in full sun one day.  A silver lining is one thing but rain on a Hawaiian vacation does suck a little.)

This time, we were more prepared.

In Washington in April you expect to wear a rain jacket so we bundled in our wet day gear, and drove to the beach at Discovery Park. (If you have kids under 6 you can pick up a parking pass at the Visitor Center before 5 pm.  We were there with only minutes to spare.)

The beach was delightfully empty.  (And there was no plane ride.  No expectation of sun.)

The little boys played on the sand.

And were pleased with little treasures they found.

And I got to hold hands with a big boy I love to pieces.  And we all had a lovely stroll on the beach.  Alone.

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