Happy things for the weekend

There’s something about a sunny Friday that makes everything feel more sparkly and wonderful.  Even this carrot was hilarious today.  (The boys thought it looked like pants. Seriously hilarious pants.)

One boy practiced his model moves while we went for a hike.

And this boy was so proud that he could almost reach the “big boy bar.”

I was so proud that I built this Duplo barn myself following the picture on the box.  (The boys added various accoutrements post-build.  My creation ended up being an animal apartment. )

And these shoes.

Nordstrom sent out an email blast spotlighting these shoes among some other lovely glittery things shortly after one 3-year old had an epic tantrum.  And then I almost had my own meltdown. Must. Have. These. Shoes. NOW! (I might know where my little guys get their flare for dramatics from. Thank goodness I always get my own way.)

But the sweetest thing that keeps making me smile all day is this silly dandelion one of the boys picked for me.  These are the days I will cherish always.  I can tell.

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