Some Pig

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April 18, 2012 by admin

Sometimes you see a little sign in everyday life

and it makes you think.

Maybe we need to re-visit Charlotte’s Web again. ( I wonder what is a good age to read this?  Is 3 and a half too young?)

I just don’t get the infatuation with bacon in this town and everywhere. I definitely don’t want it on my donuts.(Don’t get me wrong,  I love every other donut at fabulous frost but this just butchers the yummy taste.)

And I don’t want it in my coffee or on cupcakes or in a milkshake or in jam.

And a bacon coffin?  This gives me the creeps.

I’m so over bacon.  Besides, piglets are adorable.  (And when I get out of shopping jail, I’m totally buying this shirt.)

Spiders on the other hand?  Sorry Charlotte.  Go right ahead.

(This is a PSA in memory of Joy the pig at Kelsey Creek Farm who got me thinking about bacon.)

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