Recycled Easter-Chocolate Covered Popcorn

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April 19, 2012 by admin

On our last trip to Newport Beach an aunt brought a bag of chocolate covered popcorn to the beach and I (gasp) did not give it back.  (Sorry Auntie T-I am ever thankful. Yum!)  If it wasn’t accidentally left in our hotel room I probably would have schemed some way of hoarding it to myself, but I did share with the boys and hubby (grudgingly.) Since then, I’ve been dreaming of it and hoping to happen upon another bag.  And then I realized we have a lot of left-over Easter chocolate sitting around.  And the boys love making popcorn.

We unwrapped the chocolate.  Melted it in the microwave.  Mixed it up and drizzled it over freshly popped popcorn.  Tossed in some dried cranberries and Cheerios to make it seem healthier.  Dumped it on a big cookie sheet to cool.

Voila.  Just as tasty as I remembered.  Super Super Easy.  (We gave that chocolate a little more surface area, lasting power and…..fiber? I’m going to have to remember this one for after Christmas and Hallowe’en too.)


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