Sleepless in Seattle house

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Sleepless in Seattle House

A couple weeks ago we played tourist in our own town and took a free Sunday cruise at the Center for Wooden Boats.  The boat ride was amazing and our skipper pointed out some neat Seattle landmarks including the iconic Sleepless in Seattle house. (I totally think next April 1st they need to put a cardboard cutout of Tom Hanks holding coffee on the deck.)  I think the boats usually start at 2pm but you can sign up as early as 10am and sometimes they offer earlier cruises and different types of boats and they’re all FREE.  We went on an ‘electric’ boat named Dora.  Next time I think we’ll try a sailboat.  I definitely need to get us membership at this place because  I would so much rather the guys learn to sail real boats than have them play fake boats in video games.  Anyways, the Center for Wooden Boats is part of our favorite park in Seattle and this is just one more reason why I love it so much.  This reminds me too that I need to rewatch the movie again one of these days.  Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle?  Do you like to find places you’ve seen in movies in real life?

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  1. We just might be visiting Seattle a bit more in the future, since it looks like my brother and his wife might move up there. Looking forward to seeing all the sights!

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