Books I’m surprised my kids like

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Sometimes things are so predictable.  Like a book with a digger on the front is easily a favorite book for a 3 and a half year old boy.

And a book with a dinosaur AND a digger?  Golden.

But this book?  It’s about a mouse who is a dentist. ( And a patient who may or may not want to eat him!)  The guys love it.   I’ve had to read it a zillion times.  ( I just noticed that amazon had it as a book on cd-I’m going to have to see if we can get a copy!)

And this one I thought would be way over their heads.

It’s about a girl who’s house burns down and she is saving coins to buy her mom a new chair. Again, we’ve read it over and over.

And this is the book that confuses me the most.

It’s about a little mouse who pretty much lazes around the whole summer while his family works to save food and then entertains them with his poetic prowess. They LOVE Frederick.  I have to admit he is pretty cute.

Does anyone else have surprising books that their kids love?  I’d love to add more to our repertoire:)

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