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April Workout Want List


April 26, 2012 by admin

I don’t typically want actual workout things on my workout want list, but I saw this in a magazine and was intrigued.  Why didn’t people think to cut those silly exercise balls in half ages ago?  I’ve heard a lot about exercising your core lately, and for some reason this thing looks fun.

I also would love a new exercise purse/bag.

and urban hiking boots.  (for some reason the boys really like going on forest-y adventures.  I need to have the right footwear, right?  AND, I do wish they made cuter versions of this type of shoe!)

Headbands for post-workout hair

and maybe stylish runners to wear around to look like I work out more than I do.










(PS. I actually have been working out way more lately-have you?  Summer is just around the corner behind all those clouds and I so don’t want it to sneak up.)

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  1. […] a package of Ikea bag clips will buy you.  Maybe enough to unload the dishwasher?  (Or buy that Bosu ball you wanted?)   Just make a loop between two things like those old-fashioned clothes-lines we used […]

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